I Love Food

April 26, 2009



At Russell’s House

April 26, 2009


“But during this year the glamour began to depart from college.  The professors were not priests initiated into the deep mysteries of life and knowlegde.  After all, they were only middle-men handling wares they had become so accustomed to that they were oblivious to them.  What was Latin?  — So much dry goods of knowledge.  What was the Latin class altogether but a sort of second-hand curio shop, where one bought curios and learned the market-value of curios; dull curios too, on the whole.  She was as bored by the Latin curiosities as she was by Chinese and Japanese curiosities in the antique shops.  “Antiques”–the very word made her soul fall flat and dead.

The life went out of her studies, why, she did not know.  But the whole thing seemed sham, spurious; spurious Gothic arches, spurious peace, spurious Latinity, spurious dignity of France, spurious naivete of Chaucer.  It was a second-hand dealer’s shop, and one bought an equipment for an examination.   This was only a little side-show to the factories of the town.  Gradually the perception stole into her.  This was no religious retreat, no seclusion of pure learning.  It was a little apprentice-shop where one was further equipped for making money.  The college itself was a little, slovenly laboratory for the factory.”


April 22, 2009

I want to go to College Station today but Russell is really busy so I can’t.  So then I start thinking of driving home, but that’s probably not worth it.  I could get my gas paid for if I drove home, though.  There are things to do here this weekend, like go see my friend in The Tempest and go to the Zoo, but those things cost money and I don’t have any money.  I probably won’t see Russell for about three more weeks, because he’s only going to get busier.  It’s  not worth driving three to four hours and spending the rest of my money on gas just to sit in his house for days alone.  I can’t really stop myself thinking about it though.  This would be so perfect if he was just a little less busy.  So, maybe I can get Rei to go to Mable’s with me tonight, or some other bar.


April 20, 2009

I am watching a pathetic teen drama.  But the sappy teens in love are girls.  That makes it different, right?  

The even sadder thing is that I’ve already watched the whole series before.



Can’t wait for the semester to end.


April 15, 2009

I’m going to the gym everyday and I love it.  Love.

I feel fruit and veggie deficient, but I’m waiting for this weekend so I can go to the farmer’s market.  Yes!  Eating local and in season!  It’s harder than it seems at first.  I’m also eating clearance Easter candy.  Which is way easy.

I have a term paper due tomorrow.  It’s a feminist criticism of The Handmaid’s Tale.  So far, I’ve highlighted one article.

I was thinking about why Athena would be in my life right now.  I’ve always liked her, but I don’t really have a lot in common with her.  She’s goddess of knowledge and war.  War??  But, maybe she’s teaching me how to fight and how to stand up.


April 8, 2009

Rei and I dug up some wild onions from the front yard.  We put them in lentil potato soup.  Nature provides!




April 1, 2009

Gym.  Everyday.