June 26, 2009

I feel more in touch with the seasons lately than I ever have.  This is mostly due to decreased use of a/c, more biking and walking, and an effort to eat seasonal foods.  It’s a really nice feeling.  It makes life feel…fuller?

I’m going to live in College Station for the fall semester.  I’ll go to Blinn (a junior college) and get the rest of my core courses over with.  I’ll save some money and get to live near Russell.  Then I’ll come back to this school and town that I love.

When I set my Zune on shuffle, every once in a while I get a Mega Man song.  And very rarely, I get the audio of the “Ever hear of Planet of the Apes?…Uh, the planet of the musical?”-scene.



June 7, 2009

I was watching an online video of Bill O’Reilly talking about Dr. George Tiller and Allison overheard it.  She said, “Oh my god, that guy should be executed.”

Small Family Disastor

June 6, 2009

My little sister is pregnant.  She plans to get a job (so far she has not had much progress on this front) and live with my parents until the thing is born in order to have health insurance.  Then she wants to move with her boyfriend to New Mexico and live in a tiny town there.  Her boyfriend’s mother is moving to New Mexico this weekend.  My sister wants him to move in with us until the two of them move.  She wants him to move into my bedroom.  I am against this.

I find pregnancy disgusting.  I find her delight in it even more so.  She’s already a hypochondriac, so this is already sucking.  She has to tell everyone how many times she threw up in the morning and how bad she feels and what she can’t eat.  She threw a fit one morning because she had to have chicken nuggets from McDonalds at nine in the morning.  When I told her they didn’t even sell them that early, she screamed and hurled her phone across the room.