Underground Coke

January 19, 2010

Feeling much better after my initial return funk.  I finished my first class which was at 8 am.  I have to get into the habit of going to bed early.  Somehow.  My next class is Romantic Poetry at 1:00 with Casper (who tends to be a bit of a…problem professor) and then…Fairy Tales at 3:00 with Dr. Marsh!  I’m excited.  I’m taking two courses with Dr. Marsh, my favorite professor.  I sort of, uh, would like to be her one day.

I have to go talk to the people at the front desk to see if I can get a new mattress.  Mine is sunken down on one side.  It’s horrible.  As I try to fall asleep I have to constantly keep scootching back to keep from rolling off.  I probably got about six hours last night.

Oh!  I went to my first basketball game.  It was fun.